Saturday, September 17, 2011


I allways belived that each story gotta have its own mood and its own way to be drawn. During the last 2 years (mainly) i've created so many pages for personal stuff, marvel and other diferent projects, for each one i tried diferent approaches, sometimes for external reasons such as deadlines.

Since i'm collecting a bunch of images for my artbook i decided to illustrate what i've said above with some panels of pages i've done meanwhile.

This will be the my biggest post ever!!hehe

Monday, September 12, 2011


Really excited!!!
The preview for the first issue of john carter just got realesed!
check it out here.

here are some examples of those pages in B&W.

Since is my first cover for marvel too. here is a pictures of when i was doing it.

hope you guys like 'cause i'm enjoying pretty much every second of it.

this issue will be out in stores on 14th sept. go and grab yours :)

Friday, September 9, 2011

sept san fran

I've been working hard this last year in SanFan.
finished the second issue of john carter and just started the new one.
meanwhile, lots of ideas and projects going on and my artbook that i want to release in this upcoming newyorkcomiccon.

since ican't show none of this current projects i'm workin one, i show u an ilustrationa i did few hours ago of the window view of the coffee that use as my studio :P, grove cafe at filmore st.